Monday, August 06, 2007

Silver Screen

While not as stunningly beautiful as the women in art from a while back this is still lovely.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

As You Like It

Ken Branagh's 2006 film As You Like It is premiering to US audiences on HBO later this month. I am glad I splurged and added HBO to our cable package. All images found here.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Popular Mechanics has the 10 worst disasters of the century (in the USA). 1905-2005 I am guessing based on the dates they used which is odd considering it's 2007. Anyway, closest to home?:
1980: Mount St. Helens Eruption
One last earthquake turned the sleeping giant loose, and soon 230 sq. mi. of lush forest was entombed in a lunar wasteland. Fifty-seven fatalities and $1 billion of damage later, the eighth—and perhaps most famous—of our 10 Worst Disasters of the Century is now considered the dawn of American earthquake science—and a jumping off point for GPS.

Pirate Master Episode 10 Recap

Braving CBS' pixilation so you don't have to, Welcome to Pirate Master episode 10!

Last Week: rules change tripped up Azmyth. Without the dubious protection of Ben and Jay, Azmyth lost the Captinancy and was set adrift. Christa was nominated and set up for a fall by Jay but was smart enough to sidestep the trap.

This week: Christa, Ben and Jay are cozily chatting in the Captain's quarters about their competitors' strengths and the final four. It's almost as if Ben and Jay are still officers! Jay says that Nessa is strong and smart and sneaky and they ought to employ an "enemies close" strategy and invite her into the cabin. Jay says in a camera confessional that Christa is his new puppet. Christa says in her camera confessional that the ship has only had one captain this entire time and it has been Jay even though he has never worn the hat. I say to the intertubes at large that Jay is finally dealing with a Captain that will not blindly dance to his tune. Jay gets Nessa and they all charmingly lie to each other about how happy they are that they will be the final four. Nessa is feeling "solid" in this group.


Laurel and Nessa are working in the galley and are in fear of the Cook's curse that has struck other ship mates starting with Sean and hitting Jupiter last. Kendra opines that there is something about galley work that loosens the lips and sure enough the producers oblige with Kendra talking non-stop. Laurel says that everyone wants Kendra gone but she has slipped through the cracks. Ben agrees. They all see two whales.

Jay and Ben conspire to keep Christa in power by pointing out the treasure to someone on Christa's team if they get there first. Ben calls Jay a snake in an admiring tone. Cameron calls the pirates up to open the next part of the Chest of Zanzibar. The next treasure is the Cooper's treasure. Black Team comprises of Christa, Jay, Ben and Laurel. Red team is Louie, Kendra and Nessa. Nessa is screwed.

They grab buckets and then row to shore. First stop is a stream to fill their buckets with water. Black crew leads to shore and races to the stream where they fill their buckets. Red team trails and arrives as the black team finishes filling their buckets. They race off to a bridge where they will have to solve a simple conversion problem: 16 pints equals how many gallons? (answer 2) then fill their appropriately marked bucket to float their next clue to the top. Black team (JAY!)says 4 - dummies. Red team runs up and it is Kendra who directs them to the correct answer.

As both teams realize they do not have enough water to float their clues to the top, Ben asides to Christa, "How many pints are in a gallon?" Christa whispers that she thought it was eight and they realize they are working on the wrong pipe. Black team opens the number two pipe and then they scramble to get water under the bridge as Red teams gets their clue and runs off. Black team gets their clue, mainly due to Ben's long arm.

The next clue sends teams looking for a cave behind a waterfall. Red team reaches the cave first closely followed by the black team who has a lot of hustle in it. The all reach the obligatory skull on a spike and start climbing down to the pool at the base of the 1000 foot fall. The cave is actually to one side of the foot of the fall. They dive into the frigid water and Ben powers over and up into the cave. If you have never climbed up rocks in a waterfall cave it is slippery. Inside the cave is a sign that says "PWN3D! No clues here!" Actually, it tells the teams to seek a clue where the water flows, i.e. under water where the waterfall is pounding down. The production crew laugh their butts off at the hapless contestants. Swim you monkeys! All except Kendra who clings to rocks and looks pathetic.

Ben dives and grabs the next clue and they race up the jungle and looks for a mud pit. Louie dives underwater and grabs Red Team's clue. Red teams hauls themselves out of the water and Nessa encourages her team to "jog it out!" and I am assuming she means the cold and muscle fatigue that everyone has described to the camera after their dip in the waterfall pool's icy water. Nessa runs way ahead of her team mates with the vigor of someone who has never puked after a forced run. I hate people like that.

Ben and Christa dive first into the mud pit, but that thick sucking mud slows them until Red team catches up. Everyone mucks around until Christa touches the treasure and then her and Jay work together to bring it up.

Nessa is sad as she is 6 for 6 on the losing crew. Black Crew counts up a 40 thousand dollar pot.

Jay stumps down to crew quarters and begins to drum up a bitch session about how hard the last expedition was. Nessa pipes up about her love of 90 minute jungle runs and Jay gives her a dirty look I wholeheartedly concur with. Nessa has just confirms to Jay she needs to go.

Christa gives everyone on black crew ten grand. Ben wants Christa to black spot Kendra. Christa again solicits black spot nominations from the entire crew. The penny drops with Jay that Christa has her own brain. Uh oh. Jay tells Christa that he wants her to put Nessa up with Kendra. The plan is to tell Nessa that she is a pawn to get Kendra out but blindside Nessa with votes. Jay will tell Nessa he recommended Laurel and Kendra to Christa. Christa plans to blame everything on Jay. This is a story most crew will buy, actually, and the weakness in Jay's overall strategy. They all know Jay has been playing deep.

Nessa and Kendra get black spots. Nessa feels stabbed in the back and cries foul to Jay. Jay wastes no time in blaming Christa saying now he has to "scramble" for her and that Christa must have it in for Nessa. You can't be Howdy Doody and play this game says Jay.

Kendra tells Louie that Nessa is a threat. Louie agrees and tells the camera that Christa put up the best two people for black spots and that it just depends on your strategy if you want to cut weak or strong. Ben tells Nessa everyone is saying Kendra goes but he doesn't really know.

Pirate court!

Christa CYA's that she put those two up on the block based on what the crew wants. Cameron asks the two to defend themselves. Kendra gives her standard I'll never stop let me say speech. Cameron asks Laurel why has Kendra managed to stay if she is weak enough to be on the block six times. Laurel says baldly it's strategy of going up against a weak person in the end.

Nessa snarks about being flattered to be considered a threat and then says she has been on an expedition losing streak. She asks if she has been missing a secret agreement calling out Christa, Jay and Ben. They all shake their heads innocently. "No scheming going on here, huh uh!"

Four ballets cast. No mutiny. With four votes Nessa is gone. Jay strikes again! Nessa calls them cowards and Christa whacks her loose. She motors off to be with Joe Don at loser lodge.

Next Week jay cheats Ben out of thousands of dollars! Hilarity Ensues,