Monday, August 06, 2007

Silver Screen

While not as stunningly beautiful as the women in art from a while back this is still lovely.

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WhidbeyIslander said...

What I find interesting is that beyond the "pretty" faces, there are several that made me startle with their compelling quality.

Vivien Leigh: Those eyes peering from under those lashes set in an almost perfect heart-shaped face. I am remined of the opening line of Gone With The Wind about how Scarlett wasn't the prettiest girls, but when men were around her, they didn't think of that.

Ingrid Bergman: Another woman whose attractiveness was first based on her youth (16 in Casablanca!) and later on a more indefinable source. One of my few favorite blonds.

Lauren Bacall: Yes, I can whistle.

Sophia Loren: Is this woman even human? Is she a sucubus sent to bedevil my dreams? Sophia at 60 had more sex appeal wattage than almost any other woman in her 20s.

Julianne Moore: My favorite redhead. (With apologies to Bob Hope.)


Angelina Jolie: She has much of the exotic look of Sophia Loren, but oddly, comes across more as an "actor" than a "star." This is probably to her credit.