Wednesday, June 28, 2006


In response to inquiry, I am not advocating that the government be able to dictate what newspapers print. When I said that I hoped Keller et al. got jail time I was thinking jail time a la Judith Miller, who didn't want to give up her source and for aiding and abetting the commission of a crime, that crime being leaking of national secrets.

The compromising of national security for no other reason than spite and self aggrandizement is a foul and traitorous thing to do and deserves punishment. Yes, I said traitorous I do not think thst it too harsh a word. I do not think that you can possibly equate exposing the SWIFT program with exposing the perfedies of Nixon or Clinton, no matter how ardently their shades are invoked. Bush is not investigating his political enemies, he is tracking down head lopping 11th century wanna-bes who hate Grandma getting her hair set at the beauty parlor, and my 3 year old singing "Jesus loves me" at the playground. So don't tell me I am overreacting.

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