Saturday, October 15, 2005

From Imaginings of a Tot

Every day I get new evidence of the Verbalist's rich fantasy life but the other day he shared a gem. Apparently, he and his panda have begun to write a comic book about the Adventures of Captain Froggie Applepants. Now Cap'n F. Applepants is a fearsome pirate with a the face of an ugly frog and apples rolling around in his pants. (A purely sartotial statement as subsequent questioning proves). Action drives a plot, so Cap'n F.A. was made to walk the plank by his former crony, Captian Hook. Now came the difficult part, what would happen to Cap'n F.A.?
Research is called for.

"Grammy," begins my child to my mother, "do alligators and crocodiles live out in the water by the ferry?" My mother explained that no, alligators and crocodiles like warm water. As and Cs eat birds and birds prefer warm water.

"Are you sure?" he asks earnestly. Yes, she assures him. Grammy, an authority on all animal life, is then posed another question. "Are ther sharks in those waters?"

"Oh yes, at least 10 different kinds."

"Noooo," he chuckles nervously, "you're teasing." Grammy began to list the variety of sharks that live in the water around our Pacific abode, and the Verbalist realized that she was not teasing. Explainations on food chains and cold water marine habitats ensued. At last research done, the Verbalist continued the adventures of Captain Froggie Applepants. After Captain Hook made him walk the plank, a shark came and swallowed C. F.A. whole and that was the end of him.

Something tells me these adventures will get played out in the next few weeks with the Muralist cast as Captain Froggie Applepants.

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