Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Harriet Miers 2

Beryl says:

And now, looking across this panorama of talent, Bush says that the best person for the job is someone who has never, not even as a clerk, written an opinion on constitutional law.

Which is a legitimate complaint, and one that I share, but it still doesn't make her disqualified for the job. I'm not championing the pick by any stretch of the imagination, my gut feeling is that she will be another O'Connor, perhaps a tad more conservative. My post I guess has more to do with the in fighting and backbiting than anything else. Jonah Goldberg said today:
Regardless, whoever started the name-calling, all of it is beneath a movement and a philosophy which is supposed to pride itself on dealing with uncomfortable facts. I don't mind arguments within the conservative camp. I relish them, as should be obvious. They are a sign of intellectual health and integrity

OK, sounds good but I started tuning out NRO's when they started comparing Bush to Caligula and Miers to the Horse. That is not a fact or an arguement it was cheap and beneath them. I know that it was meant as levity, but it still was off putting. This was Monday Oct 3rd. I think we know where the nastiness started.

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