Sunday, December 18, 2005

Guerillas in the Midst

Triangulation and quick strikes, fading back into the crowd, thier mission accomplished. My children got to see Santa today. The Jolly Old Elf was holding court at the local K-mart. I went up to my sisters' house to retrieve a turkey which had resided in her spare freezer space. As I walked out her door she throws out, "The Man in the Red Suit is at K-mart."

In the car I ask, "You guys want to see Santa Claus?"

Hyperventilating commences. Not that they harbor any trepidation, they are over the top excited. The iPod kicks up a selection from Handel:

Who may abide the day of His coming?
Who can stand when He appeareth?
For He is like a refining fire. (Joel 2:11)

"Is that song about Santa?" asks the Verbalist in hushed tones.

"No sweetheart." I stop for a moment to reflect on Santa as a Refining Fire. Nope. Not even as a purveyor of switches and coal. In the grand scheme of repentance inducing individuals, Santa rates about a 60 watt bulb; the easy bake oven rather than a smelting furnace.

Santa was duly provided with the exact list. Santa doled out candy canes and coloring pages and then we trooped back out to the car. iPod provides the appropriate sound track once again.

Rejoice greatly, O Daughter of Zion
Rejoice O daughter of Jerusalem!

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