Friday, December 16, 2005

Lawyers Earning thier Keep

Receptionist: "Yes, Offices of Pott, Pott, Cast and Iron, Mr. Pott holding for Mr. Kettle."

Kettle: "This is Kettle speaking. How can I help you Mr. Pott?"

Pott: "I'm calling on behalf of my client, Child in the House, to tell you he has a cease and desist order against your client from intruding into the bathroom."

Kettle: "Mother of the House has invoked numerous orders and even been to arbitration with Child on the issue. It is lucridous to say my client is at fault. Child has repeatedly asked for assistence...."

Pott: "Nevertheless, Child is now insisting on complete autonomy and holds in reserve the right to enter bathroom whenever needed. Requests for assistence in no way grant Mother any bathroom privileges other than what has been expressly laid out by child previously."

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