Thursday, March 02, 2006

It's My Blog and I'll Sneer if I want To

I like movies. I don't like all movies but I am willing to give most movies a go. I like reading what other people think about movies, but I think that some professional reviewers have gotten into a sneer mode. Even some of my favorite reviewers fall into this, along with some of my not so favorite reviewers.

I know that The Pink Panther is an odd movie to defend. It is not great or epic film making, yet that is precisely the point. It's silly, it's supposed to be. It's not witty, it does not deliver a message, it does not rely on bad language for a gasping, outraged laugh. It's silly, entertaining, and the entire audience we saw it with walked out smiling. In the midst of a morass of pretentious crep, risque comedies I could never recommend to a friend, and awful movies where the actor seems to just be punching the timecard; it is refreshing to see a movie that has no pretense of greatness and the actors seem to be enjoying themselves.

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