Friday, July 07, 2006

GI Joe

Bowing to the refrain of: "Can you get your dollies down?" I finally did. I hoisted down the box of (Hank Hill) Barbies and Barbie accessories. (/Hank Hill). The Muralist wanted to play tea party and house. The Verbalist, well, the Verbalist's GI Joes need companionship. Then, horror of horrors, the wheel came off GI Joe's pick up truck.

I had weeded through the Barbie box, book shelves and closets so donations in hand we set out to the thrift store. We found a jeep of correct proportions amid the jumble. Triumphantly we left the thrift store goal accomplished.

The Verbalist clutched the jeep in his arms, crooning all the way to the car: "Just wait for GI Joe to see you." GI Joe was happy.

Verbalist: "Look at this new Jeep I bought you Joe. You can drive it anywhere, even..." pause whilst the brain serches for an exotic destination, "Florida! You'll like Florida that's where Buzz Lightyear is...and Mickey Mouse."

GIJOE: "Cool car thanks! Now I have a place for my guns and dog."

Verbalist as Barbie 1 (high pitched squeaky voice): "Cool car GI Joe."

Joe: "Yes, it's and H-B-06 Noc class super Jeep. Lasers shoot out of the headlights."

V as Barbie 2 (still high pitched but breathy): "Oh Joe can I ride in your cool car?"

Joe: "Uh sure, but you have to ride in the back, the dog's in the front. You can man the gun though -we've got bad guys to shoot."

Muralist (from the back seat): "GI Joe, would you like Princess ice cream? I've made a whole lot!"

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