Friday, July 14, 2006

Quick Hits

The Verbalist, denied other options, cut his own hair. Afterwards he was terrified of being bald when the styalist evened it out.

The Muralist has a new invisible friend, a giant turtle which likes to jump rope. This is noteworthy because the Muralist doesn't have the plethora of imaginary friends that the Verbalist does - and hers tend to be rather prosaic. I am not calling the Muralist unimaginative but she tends to be less fantastic than her brother.

The Shrieker has been test driving new words lately in the burble bubble talk most comprehended by doting parents. Every now and then a word is spoken with clarity and force which is a great relief to this author who was beginning to think Shreaking would be the sole form of communication. To date: "Mama, Dad (no dada, straight Dad), Cookie, Bites, NO!, yeah, Book and DOG! Priorities are good to have.

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