Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Curiosity Poll

I know I have readers across the political spectrum and I am hoping you are willing to participate in a poll to satisfy my curiosity. This is bodged together on the spur of the moment so it is not elegant, sorry.

Question 1:
How are you Registered to Vote?
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Question 2:

Have You ever Voted for a Member of the Opposition Party? (i.e. Registered Democrat voting for a Republican candidate)
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Question 3:

Would you ever consider voting for the opposite party?
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Question 4:

9/11 Conspiracy Theorists are:
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Question 5:

How big a problem terrorism?
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Question 6:

What were the top three reasons for your presidential vote in 2004?
Didn't Like Bush
Didn't Like Kerry
War on Terror
War in Iraq
Social/Domestic Policy
Taxes too High
Taxes not High Enough
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If I get a decent response to this poll, I'll do more.

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