Monday, October 02, 2006

A Tantrum of Politicians

Via Glenn, an article worth your time came to my attention. WaPo's Sebastian Mallaby:
After years of single-party government, the prospect of a Democratic majority in the House ought to feel refreshing. But even with Republicans collapsing in a pile of sexual sleaze, I just can't get excited. Most Democrats in Congress seem bereft of ideas or the courage to stand up for them. They clearly want power, but they have no principles to guide their use of it.

Not that I am pining for Speaker of the House Pelosi running full tilt with her socialist, Berkeley, peacenik idiocities, we can't get along with madmen who hate free societies. Golly it would be nice if there were credible, idea driven candidates in the opposition - it might make the GOP straighten up and be serious and accountable.

Back to Mallaby:
Democrats' under-the-radar behavior was even more depressing. A conservative group circulated a petition calling for bipartisan talks on Social Security, with all potential solutions to be part of the discussion. Rather than embracing this eminently sane idea, top Democrats in Congress loudly slammed the door on it.

In rejecting Social Security discussions last week, the Democrats painted the conservatives' petition as a Trojan horse designed to get personal accounts back onto the table. Even if that were true, since when was all mention of personal accounts taboo for Democrats? A decade ago, a majority of the appointees to Bill Clinton's Social Security commission came out in favor of personal accounts. Even the dissenting minority was open to the idea of investing Social Security funds in the stock market.

If Democrats cared about poor women and minorities, they would be clamoring to reform Social Security. But instead they get a childish gratification out of stamping their feet and refusing to discuss the subject.

I am glad off cycles tend to focus around local issues. Otherwise I would be tempted to sit at home election day. I feel like there has to be a pony in this pile of politicians somewhere.

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