Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Local Granny Eats

From the Seattle Times:
A Whidbey Island grandmother ended a three-week hunger strike Saturday night after being convinced that she had made her point against the Bush administration and its decision to go to war in Iraq.

OK, Now for a little background on this granny's town. It is the county seat but has only one traffic light. I sits on the North/South border of the Island. The North is Navy bases - red Bush country with lots of flags and magnetic car ribbons. The South is Blue; get the recruiters out of our schools, save the marsh grass folks.

Many weekends, on one corner of the traffic light fourway, a group of 10 (at most)greying protesters gather to impress on passing traffic the importance of Impeaching Bush and withdrawing from Iraq. Every protest weekend these folks unfurl protest banners and deploy a giant dove of peace which looks like a giant chicken. Maybe the Granny began to notice the chicken like qualities of their dove - I would have.

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