Saturday, November 04, 2006

We're Number One

Don Surber has a great economy post up. I will excerpt a bit and then send you over to read the rest.
The greatest economic experiment in history continues to succeed well into its 230th year since those merchants and farmers meeting in Philadelphia gave the real King George the finger.

Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez: "We're Growing Faster Than Any Other G7 Country . . . This Is A Phenomenal Performance." "Well, I think the important thing is that what got us here and the fact that we have such a strong economy. What we've been through as a nation – we've got to go back and remember: we had a recession; we had a stock market crash; we had 9/11; last year, we had the most devastating year in our history for hurricanes; and we have an economy that is truly the envy of the industrialized world. We're growing faster than any other G7 country; our unemployment now – at 4.4 percent – is below the average of the last five decades. We've created 1.5 million jobs this year, 6.8 million jobs since August of 2003, . . . we're now seeing wages increasing, and we're able to keep inflation in check."

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