Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wind Storm

Early Wednesday morning the windstorms finally knocked out the power here. School was cancelled so I packed up the kids and headed to my sister's house - she still had power (and does not count on a pump from a well to bring her water). Of course the power did not last long up there either, but she had taken the opportunity of temporary childlessness to run to town and grab some deli chicken and coloring books for the kids. We were glad she went early, as it was there was a run on deli chicken and most of the shops shut down not to long after.

When you wait out power outages with small children the convienece of modernity is enhanced in direct proportion to it's usage. I was jonesin' for a computer pretty badly.

A most telling incident occured right after the baby came up from a nap. She stumped out of the room and down the hall with sleepy eyes and touseled hair. After observing the activities of the Verbalist (legos, batman) and the Muralist (coloring, fairy dolls) and the Cousinator (also coloring, fairy dolls) she walked over to my sister's tv and pushed the power button. Nothing.

She stood there a minute then psuhed the power button again. Still nothing. Then using the bit curious body language peculiar to toddlers, she, hands at side, craned her neck around the side looking for another button. Standing on tippy toes she tried to run her fingers along the top then she checked the other side. At last she fell back to default and pushed the power button again.

The look on her face was priceless. She looked at me and the expresion on her face translated a look of disbelief it was if gravity reversed itself.

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