Friday, January 06, 2006

Alito's Confirmation

Mary Katherine Ham over at Hugh Hewitt's asks:

Is it just me or anyone else just not feeling the Alito fight?

I don't mean to say that I won't fight for him or that liberals won't have their claws in his robe even as he ascends the Supreme Court steps. Those things will happen.

I just mean I don't feel the fight. Before the John Roberts hearings, you could actually hear the buzz of opposition research all the way across the Potomac in my little corner of Northern Virginia. The city vibrated with the flipping-through of old papers, the creak of rusty file cabinets.

Not so much this time. I know it's happening, but I just can't feel it like last time.

And if I can't feel it 300 yards outside the District, I wonder if the American people can feel it at all. Most of my Beltway friends tell me I'm wrong about this-- that the Alito hearings really will be a rhetorical World War that will reach to the hearts of the American people.

I think I know the answer to this. It's all so predictable. The NARAL ads, Senator Kennedy's red faced blustering, the Daily Kos' diarist tirades - nothing new. You can only debunk so many disingenuous and factually incorrect doomsayings without feeling tired by the repetitiveness. There is no thrill shooting fish in a barrel.

Chief Justice Roberts was so squeeky clean that attackers were reduced to innuendo and snide comments on fashion. Harriet Myers was a political infight among conserviatives that got the blood up because there were actual arguements on both sides instead of paltry references to fascism. (I find it telling that the ad hominems among conservatives generally falls into Party drones, RINOs, and horror of horrors, "liberal" rather than fascist, ect.)

Miss Ham wants a good fight and only conservatives can seem to muster one on proposed Justices these days. Conservatives seem pretty happy with Judge Alito.

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