Saturday, January 21, 2006

Who is the Parent? You are!

I must confess, I have bought a themed product or two for my kids. Albertsons had Pirates of the Caribbean fruitsnacks on sale for a dollar a box. The Verbalist has a pirate groove going on with his toys so I bought a box. It was an impulse buy too, horrors! I bought boxes of cornflakes ad nauseum to collect UPCs for the Cinderella spoon set for my daughter and niece. If there is a Princess Jasmine on it chances are I have considered it's purchase. You noticed I was the one purchasing the goods, I am after all more flush than the preschoolers. I make the meals, I drive to the grocery store. I provide the children snack options, so I have no sympathy for this abdication of personal responsibility masquerading as a lawsuit.

It's not as if Spongebob is only slapped on sugary cereal and Pop Tarts. His inane grin graces products from bandages to chicken soup. Indeed, if the kids watch the cartoon mindlessly they are more apt to ask for a krab patty, the delicacy of choice for Spongebob and crew. It could be worse, Scooby Doo graces kid snacks and dog treats alike. What's next, some illiterate upset they fed dog biscuits to a three year old and suing Purina for their dumb mistake?

Here's a parenting tip for you: if your kid wants junk food with a cartoon character, and you want to indulge them, let them choose one. One. One will not ruin your kid. If they are ungrateful, they lose privilege for that one. Heck by the bandages or a pencil emblazoned with a cartoon character and circumvent the food issue altogther. The thing to remember here is you are the parent. You buy the groceries, you are in authority over your children. Sheesh.

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