Tuesday, January 31, 2006

No Go Filibuster

Let me start off by saying,

Thank You Justice O'Connor for your service. I may not have agreed with you, but you have served honorably.


Congrats, Justice Alito may you serve with understanding and wisdom.

I also want to reiterate something here I said on the Wizbang Bomb Squad. The attitude and tenor of the activist Left has given an opening to Republican challengers of Senate Democrats of all stripes in the '06 races.

Those Democrats who supported filibustering Alito have shown how beholden they are to the Left, whose ideas the moderate voter increasingly reject.

Those Democrats who supported cloture are not going to receive networking or money from the activists and will face bruising primary campaigns. If you think the hatred directed at conservatives was bad, when they turn on their own it will be worse. Turncoat heretics are how they are being portrayed.

The dirt will be dug up and displayed for moderate voters to see and the voters will vote Republican if only because they do not want to be associated with hate filled crazies. Voters do not want to support officials who are endorsed by incoherent, obcenity spewing, foam-flecked paranoids.

For officials like Senator Cantwell, who had a bare majority vote last time, even in a state as blue as Washington, Leftists will be dealing the campaign a body blow that will be difficult to recover from.

Ed Whelen at NRO says this:

Kerry and Kennedy have turned the wrath of the Left against those 19 Democrats (nearly half the caucus) who voted for cloture. (Byron York quotes one angry, obscene diatribe from DailyKos.) I don’t see how this is going to help red-state Democrats. If only Kerry and Kennedy could have been uniters rather than dividers

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