Thursday, April 20, 2006

Catch Up

Sorry, I know I have fallen down on the job these last couple of weeks. It isn't that I haven't anything to blog about, it's just that I have been swamped. When we are not at swim class, aikido or church, I am watching my neice, plus the Infant is teething and extra cranky.

Let's see, the Verbalist received a lightweight basketball hoop with suction cups and a nerf ball. Within about 5 seconds of putting it up, he and the Muralist assumed the aspect of the Trailblazers (forever and always my home team no matter where I move). They trash-talked (you'll never get it ha-ha). They jostled for position with flying elbows and shoving shoulders, and in one notable instance The Verbalist began to goal tend - ah, my delicate blooms.

Got the jungle beat back a bit. I mowed the first 6th of the property - weeny it sounds but we're on a pretty parcel of yard. I figure in front of the house is one, the side of the house where the fruit trees are is two. The back yard to the swingset is three while the barn yard is 4,5, and 6 on its sides.

Finally caught up on my news reading and finished writing some fiction and edited another. I just got my hands on a copy of Charles Murray's In Our Hands which looks intriguing. Just finished John Ringo's series beginning with There Will Be Dragons. It is typically Ringo, which is to say seasoned military lion mentors his young protege while everything goes to hell in a handbasket about them. The end was dissatisfying though. I go the feeling that he needed to end it in a hurry and slapped together the end. Maybe there is another book forthcoming but I doubt it.

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