Thursday, April 13, 2006

Swimmin' Class II

Swimsuits? 30 dollers

Towels? on sale, 8 dollars

Tuition? two children, 80 dollars

The Verbalist learning it is difficult to talk underwater? Priceless.

Which is mean to laugh at but I did. The kids were learning about jumping in to the pool and being caught by the instructor. The Verbalist talked the whole time, and from where I was sitting in the bleachers I could see his mouth jabbering as he came up. I figure the reason he didn't choke coming up is becase he so rarely pauses for a breath when he talks.

I am waiting though, for when the rubber meets the road, that is when he tries to tell the swim instructors how to do their jobs. The Verbalist is a dictator given his head. Because he is smart, out going and likes to organize things, he thinks he knows how to do everything and everyone will benefit from his wisdom.

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