Monday, April 24, 2006


I registered the Verbalist to begin his scholastic career today. He has been quite talkative about entering Kindegarten for about a year and a half now, jibber-jabber. He knew that one of our stops today was to register him and he went on a long winded tear about all the things he was going to do and all the things he was going to tell his teacher.

As we drove he kept up a steady stream of words, he spoke of coloring, reading, playing, drawing, building, computers, games and last but not least telling everyone else how to color, read, play, draw, build, and compute. his words came faster and higher as we pulled in and parked. He bounced in his seat and jumped out on to the sidewalk witha giant bound. As I got his sisters from ther carseats he ran in place. Holding hands we walked to the elementary school office and still the words flowed unceasing.

The words abruptly stopped when we passed through the school doors. Maybe it was the lon echoing hallway, perhaps it was the school office a clearly "grown-up" sort of place, I looked down and the Verbalist had assumed a solemn aspect to his face. His eyes were big and round as bowling balls. He pursed his lips and raised his eyebrows and looked around. I picked up the papers and the Verbalist said in a stage whisper: "When's recess?"

Yup, he's ready for school.

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