Sunday, April 09, 2006

Wedding Registry

A extended family member is getting married soon. This is a good thing, he's a real sweet guy, good looking and an over achiever. I asked my sources where they were registered and went and surfed around the gift registry. Now I don't think I am all that different than most folks, so I hope you are all nodding when I say, when I registered for wedding gifts I asked for things I never thought I'd get. What the hey, I'll only ever do it once, and who knows what people will shell out for? In my wildest imaginings, even I never thought people would be willing to spend 6 bucks for a measuring spoon, singular.

Does that mean I'm cheap? Yeah, probably. Somethings are worth spending over inflated sums on, measuring spoons are not it - especially when you can go to Stuff-mart and buy measuring spoons, measuring cups, and a mixing bowl for six bucks. Knives are a different story. A good knife can make a big difference in a meal, but a six dollar teaspoon? Nah.

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