Monday, September 18, 2006


I had a sudden vision of myself retired. I am going to be one of those querulous old ladies who write letters expressing their displeasure about the state of the roads to the local paper. I say that having just sent off my two cents to some local idiot commentators on the radio. I was driving back from my twice monthly mom group and, exhausted of listening to kid songs, turned on the radio. Two career guys were talking about whether or not at-home mothers are still sneered at for not holding "real jobs". My standard reply to such idiocity is that anyone who says full time parenting is not a real job has never done it for any length of time. I digress.

I picked up the Verbalist from school and came home and pounded out a letter while the kid's lunch cooked. I had just hit the "send" button when the Muralist ran out and uttered the words no mother wants to hear:

"Mom! The baby is drinking your coffee!"

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