Thursday, September 21, 2006

Top Story

I know you come here to read hard news and insightful opinion. Which brings us to today's top story: McDonald's Considers Round-The-Clock Breakfast. It's a short blurb so here it mostly is:
The fast food giant is testing a new kitchen system that would allow customers to buy breakfast items around the clock.

McDonald’s chief executive said the current kitchens do not offer the flexibility to cook breakfast and luncheons at the same time.

The new kitchens are now being tested in southwest suburban Romeoville, but there is no word on where when or if they would be put in stores.

Good Lord! The flexibility?! How many grease pits do you need to cook fries and hashbrowns? I assume they are both made of potatoes in the McDonald's universe. Ok, it's a big assumption. I thought that they could microwave rubbery egg McMuffins and McGriddles (a peculiarly addictive culinary triumph) in the same micro zapper. Perhaps they are saying that current kitchens lack the capacity for dealing with breakfast demand all day long. This I could well believe as health trends gear fast food joints to appologetically offer salads and bistro sandwiches as if that will hide the fact they are purveyors of fat and grease.

When I was pregnant with the Verbalist I would have done just about anything for a (no longer available) Cajun Chicken sandwich at 9 am. I am sure McDonalds executives are trying to cash in on the pregnant McMuffin-oholics, especially in a town called Romeoville.

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WhidbeyIslander said...

From my dark and distant past I can make an educated guess about the problems of cooking breakfast and luncheon simultaneously:

The grill temperature.

Eggs for breakfast need to be cooked at a lower grill temperature than that needed for beef patties for luncheon.

The operation of a McDonalds kitchen is an operation that has been streamlined and refined over the last 50 years. To vary grill temperatures seems simple, but it will affect many other tasks.