Thursday, September 07, 2006

World Fattening: Women Hardest Hit

The headline borrows from James Taranto's headline schtick at Best of the Web. From the AFP:
The global obesity pandemic combined with society's anti-fat bias is more damaging to women than to men, an expert has warned at an international conference.

"Being obese and female is as bad as it gets," Berit Heitmann, a nutritional and medical research advisor to the Danish government, told a meeting of world obesity experts gathered in Sydney Wednesday.

Not only were obese women socially stigmatised more than their male counterparts, but their health suffered to a greater degree, delegates at the 10th International Congress on Obesity heard.

This falls into the "well, duh catagory". Coming as I do from a family of women whose body shapes run from "generously curvy" to "round" even on strict rations and exercize; the slings and arrows lobbed at a fat girl are no news. Yeah, about Jr. High this ceased to be a surprise.

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