Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Strangeness of the World

Sometimes it is entertaining to look at where people who look at your blog are coming from. For example, I get a high percentage of people who read my movie, recipe and kid posts. (yes, yes - I'll post more recipes again.) I had a run of IP address from asian countries hit my site for peach cobbler recipes, the latest is Korea. Is is peach season in Korea right now? Must be.

I had a Dubliner read every review I have done mentioning Charleton Heston.

Why would a person in Chile want to read about The Verbalist's Santa capturing contraptions?

I could flatter myself that I post delicious sounding food, insightful reviews, and cultural crossing humor, but it is just the varagies of the internets tubes. heh.

Breaking News: The Muralist has announced the existence of a penguin in the Verbalist's room.

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