Thursday, July 28, 2005

Events Over Take Us

Events over take us sometimes. Just this morning I characterized the IRA terrorist thugs as not particularly religious in an aside about Christianity and Islam in Indonesia. Today I heard an exchange about the IRA planning to lay down arms. If this had been purely religious persecution motivating these guys, they wouldn't be laying down arms. What it in fact motivated these guys was power mongering pure and simple. Such terror plays only work when the people whom they are supposedly championing are silent. When the McCartney sisters stood up and cried for justice, denouncing the IRA hitmen for what they were, it highlighted the need for all people to speak up against the "champions" that hurt those they are supposedly protecting.

As wrongheaded as I think the "Not in Our Name" and "We're Sorry" folks are, they were exercizing an important idea. If your leaders do not speak for you, than you need to speak up. I could go on a long tear about moderate Muslims at this point but I will spare my audience.

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