Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Verbalist and Roald Dahl

The Verbalist suffers from avarice. It began by a discreet lobbying for a certain kind of product we were already purchasing, followed by requests of a modest nature and has evolved into demands for whatever takes his fancy. I did not do my duty curbing this attitude earlier and now dealing and correcting it has become a difficult chore. Small clashes have now come to a head over the desire for a Batmobile. So we have come to a common sense solution: he has to save up and buy his own Batmobile. Instead of buying a small item, for a few trips we will put aside the cost of the small item and then he may purchase the Batmobile. Saving and delayed gratification lessons well learned.
He is also learning another lesson about greediness, through the master tutor: Roald Dahl. We started reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as part of our summer reading program. I had forgotten what a little morality play it was amidst the delightful weirdness. Grasping and demanding ruin the joy of candy and treats for those kids, parents who fall down on the job are subject to censure and accountability. Good children are rewarded. Good parents self sacrifice and hold thier kids to a standard. Lessons for us all.

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