Friday, July 08, 2005


The events in London demand a post, but I don't have any insight to give that doesn't seem trivial. My first thought was how glad I was to not see people jumping to their death. My second thought was relief for British subjects that the death toll was not going to reach the thousands that 9-11 did. So after a prayer for the fallen and the families of the fallen, my mind immediately jumped to the trivial.

The group claiming responsibility called themselves
"The Secret Organization of the Holy War of al-Qaida in Europe Organization" in all the news accounts I have heard/read. Isn't that a little redundant? Do you have decoder rings from cereal boxes? Club houses modeled on Osama's cave and Saddam's little pit? I sounds as if these cowards are al-Qaida wanna-bees, like those copy cat killers who have no personality and get subsumed by someone with a more charasmatic personality. Evil is inherently stupid, it lacks creativity. It destroys because it can not create, perverts because it can not imagine. It delights in small, squalid nastiness as it does in burning buildings and exploding busses. I imagine it delights in sly digs and insidious hate mongering a la George Galloway.

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