Saturday, September 10, 2005

Dinosaurs Must Smash

The Muralist and the Verbalist crouched over a puzzle. They had gotten double prizes in their kid meals and the puzzle was part of their loot. (The others, a second puzzle and two Weebles enter into this tale later.) We had repaired home where I was putting away groceries from our twice monthly larder stocking. They sat sucking down frosty mugs of milk and apple slices as they pondered the placement of pieces.

"Mommmmmm!" at last wailed the Verbalist. "This is too hard!"

"No it's not," I breezily assured them from the depths of the pantry. "Keep trying. Just look at the picture." I was immersed in a pitched battle with laziness: sort the pantry or just shove things on a shelf and get to the next chore? Shoving was winning over sorting.

"But Mommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" interjected the Muralist loudly into my silent struggles. "You need to see!" I reached a compromise with myself, as I do every shopping expedition, and roughly sorted cereals, cans, staples, kid staples.

"It just doesn't work, it's too hard," repeated the Verbalist ad nauseam as I sat down to look at the puzzle. He had gotten a good start: there were letters along the bottom edge and they had completed an "L" including both bottom corners. I tried a couple combinations. Hmmm this was harder than I thought. Realization dawned.

"Hey! This puzzle is two sided!" I announced. Seeing looks of partial comprehention I explained. "There is a different picture on each side of each piece."

"Ohhhh" they chorused, after which they assembled it without too much difficulty. Retreating to the loot pile the Muralist retreived the Weebles. "Smash! Smash! No tricking!"

"No! You'll ruin it!" screeched the Verbalist ineffectively grabbing at Weebles.

"These are Dinosaurs!" retorted the Muralist infusing the word with the essence of Capitalization. "Dinosaurs must smash and that puzzle is naughty!"

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