Monday, September 26, 2005

Quick! Lay Down

The weekend was host to an univited guest- a nasty cold. It started off as a tickle in the back of the throat and roared in. Ten minutes later my head felt like it was underwater. I uncapped the nyquil and took a dose. I was unprepared for it to knock me on my hind end. As a very occasional drinker, taking a dose of nyquil is like doing shots of tequila, the world swims.

So the weekend devolved into an drunken haze, with periods of lucidity. On Saturday, I stumbled out of bed and threw together water, bay leaves, and the leftover carcass of a roast chicken. With the beginnings of the Mom's cure-all cooking away, I promised myself to chop vegetables when I wouldn't cut off my fingers.

Opting to not breathe, I left Dear Husband with the two elder children and went to watch my sister, mother and father test for their Sonkyu, Yonkyu, and Gokyu Aikido levels respectively. When my sister threw three attackers at a time at the end of her test, I was waiting for the pan flutes to begin. (Bruce Lee) "Emotional content - not anger!" (/Bruce Lee)

Sunday, we stayed home from church and I watched my husband bop around doing chores, inspired by the incipient cool weather. The Infant began to snarfle with a stuffy nose but after marathon late night cuddling, this morning she is back to her natural congenial self.

The Titanic clash over the Muralist ingesting her medicine or the Mystery of the Missing Kleenex is for another time, dear readers.

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