Sunday, June 19, 2005

Father's Day

We just got back from my dad's house where my family gathered for Father's Day. It was fun. The guys gathered on the deck to admire dad's new grill. Shiny! The kids ran around and at last watched Raffi while the adults talked and passed the baby around.

Family gathering mean board games on my side of the family. We broke out an old favorite-Taboo. If you are not familiar with the game here's how it goes: a sender tries to get a partner to say a word, for example candle. Then they have a list of words they can't say when trying to get their partner to say it: wax, birthday, wick, light, blow. This game is much easier if you and your partner have alot of shared reference points. It also is hilarious when people begin to blurt out the odd non sequiters they rustle up under pressure.

As I watched my dad, husband, and brother-in-law interact with the kids I thanked God for the dedicated men who are pouring into those young lives. Fathers are underappreciated and are so vital. Happy Father's Day, thanks for sticking with it.

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