Thursday, June 16, 2005

On Gitmo and Patrick Ruffini

Patrick Ruffini says:

Here's the Guantanamo narrative, and then tell me who it favors: Camp X-Ray is about detaining terrorists who want to kill Americans -- the al Qaeda kind of terrorists, the September 11th kind of terrorists, the comrades of Atta. Some on the left would like to dismantle Camp X-Ray over some perceived injustices. The injustices? Placing the Koran on top of a television set. (Pity the poor little terrorists.) And what do they propose we do with the friends of Atta? They won't say. Have we forgotten that we are at war with these people?

Patrick Ruffini suggests that we need to say loud and clear to the populace at large who the detainees are again. I agree. What it will not accomplish is shutting up the anti-Gitmo people. Why? I'm glad you asked. Because the anti-Gitmo people either believe we deserve the 9-11 attacks, a la Ward Churchill, or that detaining those folks is not an apporopriate response to 9-11.

I had a long conversation with a lovely woman who was so utterly opposed to any kind of substative security protocols. Her whole argument refuted the notion that it was justfied. No military action - not just Iraq but our actions in Afghanistan, no Gitmo, no nothing. I asked her: "What if there were more 9-11's? What if they attacked Michigan (where she lives) rather than New York? What if your husband died?" She in utter sincerity replied that she would rather die in another 9-11 than one innocent Iraqi, Afghani die because the US tried to end terror regimes that perpetrated the attack.
She would rather risk a 9-11 than see someone who may not be a terrorist wind up in Gitmo. This woman and I disagree on most everything other than fiction reading. She understands my arguments for everything and disagrees with them from moral conviction. She doesn't cuss and doesn't call me a "closed-minded, war-mongering, Christer bigot" as do several leftists of my acquaintance, she just draws absolutely different conclutions from the same facts. So this is who, besides the cynical politicos, calls for the closure of Gitmo, and no arguement you make or fact you can cite will change thier minds.

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