Thursday, May 26, 2005

All We Have

All we have is purjury and gross incompetence at least for now. Where do these Tennesseans think are, Canada?

I am too idealistic by thinking that we elect officials to administrate, create, and define law; and that they should do so by not lining thier own pockets? I thought the years of the Clinton administration wiped shock at politics from my system. A couple of weeks ago as Captain's Quarters broke with testamony in the Canadian Ad-scam bru-ha-ha, I told my husband I felt a disconnect with reality. These kind of shady deals and raw power grabs happen in banana republics, not major Western nations. He was downright cynical, "Why not? It's happens everywhere."

I think Americans take alot for granted. I think that they expect politicians to spend money and bend rules as far as they will go. They don't think that politicians will act like tin-pot dictators or condesending elites.

What I predict is this: They are going to lash back, soon. We saw it with the elections of GWBush, they like a sense of morality in thier leaders. Say what you will about his foreign policy, his domestic policy, his intellect - you get what you see, he does what he says. He doesn't accost interns and he doesn't rent out the Lincoln Bedroom. We see it here in Washington State - the voters hit back at the gas tax. Pretty soon the voters are going to elect someone to clean house. In local and national politics we will see people elected to do the thankless task of making hard decisions and reforming programs and policies.

Social Security is the just the next stop of the reform train. It started with welfare in the 90's and will sweep social security, immigration, education, elections, intelligence, and anywhere else the people see the need. Not big programs, but streamlined and as unencumbered as possible. Just do your job, will be the mantra, if I can so can you.

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