Sunday, May 15, 2005

Weekend Miscellany

I have been weed whacking this weekend. Actually I have been weed whacking since thursday. Weed whacking is usually confined to the area around our barn and the compost pile, but owing to circumstances, including the advent of our third child, the yard has been sadly neglected. If we lived in a conventional neighborhood I would have been more concerned, but living amid farms some length would not bring down the neighborhood biddies. Still, the sun came out and the yard work cried out for priority.
Kids asleep, all three!, I walked down to the barn and checked out the mower. It needed more work than I could give it and I confess the workings of internal combustion driven machines intimidate me. I have the sneaking fear that a part will whing off and impale an eye or I will electrocute myself. Anyway a weed whacker I could handle, so I made sure the plastic whip was in place, dug out an extension cord and got to work.
It was extremely satisfying. I now understand the allure of power tools. The dog is convinced it's evil. She's convinced it will turn and rend me or leap to life and chase her. She will sit, staring and growling at the quiescent machine, and will bite at one in use. I broke her of her suspicion of the vacuum, hopefully I can break her from challenging the whacker.

Later, I was up at Walmart, filling a prescription and I saw the Sobe Stoner Bus. Really it was just Sobe beverage guys handing out samples, but the bus was green with a flame job and spouting weird NewAge techno music. I concluded that only stoners could listen to that same loop of music endlessly and keep thier cheerful equilibrium.

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