Sunday, May 29, 2005

Memorial Day Post One

The United States celebrates Memorial Day this monday. For most Americans this is an excuse for a long weekend and barbeques. In Small Town, USA, where I live, there are parades and the civic leaders give cliched speeches. Our parade, held on Saturday, started at the middle/high school ballpark and went down Main street and ended up by the post office. The town lines the route with Old Glory (not that the route ever changes - it's not that big of a town) and the flags stay up thru the summer and come down after Veteran's Day. With the naval base on the top of the island, the summer holidays of rememberance and national pride are important to residents because most have friends or loved ones in military service. Businesses display "Welcome Home" banners for all the squadrons and military discounts are de rigueur.

These remberances are not complete without an acknowlegement that our businesses, barbeques, and parades are made possible by the sacrifice of past and present military personnel.. Thank you Beryl, Jim, Bob, Carlson, and Brian for your service for taking up the mantle of George Washington and providing my freedom.

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