Sunday, May 01, 2005


I blog, you blog, we blog.
It is Sunday. What is it about Sunday morning which makes rolling over and going back to sleep that much more alluring? There are many days when the pillows seem softer but nothing calls more deeply than a pillow saturated with Spring sunshine. My son is one of those chipper morning people, full of vim and vigor as soon as dawn has cracked. A four year old is a force of nature. My husband opened his eyes and said to me, "Want to go to early service?" I actually entertained the thought for 30 seconds before the pillow pulled me under again.

Our pastor is finishing a series on "Living in the Major Leagues". I am not anti-sports. Heck, I mildly follow the Mariners, am a die hard Blazers fan (one can always live in hope), and watch the ups and downs of the Seahawks and Packers. The sports metaphor is wearing thin though. I agree with premise of living life at the top of your game, not in mediocrity. Certainly I have been challenged to step up in areas of my life, but I am glad he's moving on to a different sermon series.

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