Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Inevitable Sith Review

I hardly ever go to the movies, mostly because I am unwilling to spend the kind of money they are asking for tickets these days. I did go see Revenge of the Sith on Friday. Before I get to the meat of the review a couple cautionary notes: spoilers ahead and I like Jar-Jar Binks. So, no hate mail, I warned you.

Hayden Christiansen is 1000 % better once he was able to escape having to woo Padme. Cyrano, Lucas is not. (Speech patterns catching Yoda's are.) In Clones, HC was best in the scene where he kills all the sand people. You could see Vader emerging in that angry, vengeful young man. Sith continues that same line. Two things hold Anakin back from the dark side: Padme and Obi-Wan. Darth Sidious thru his persona as Chancellor Palpatine really draws close to and influences Anakin. Anakin kills people very easily, even when it goes against his training and judgement. He has ceded his judgement to Palpatine. Palpatine tells Anakin to kill and he does so with hardly a blink. Sidious must therefore either use or divide Anakin from the two to turn him to the dark side.

Lucas' Star Wars universe is one where you can not escape your destiny. Anakin, in trying to keep Padme from dying, brings about the very situation he was trying to avoid. The Jedi Council, by treating Anakin as untrustworthy makes him so. In the original trilogy Vader says to Luke: "Join with me, and together we can defeat the Emperor. It is your Destiny." It was, but not in the way Vader thought.

Sidious not only manipulates Anakin, he manipulates the Jedi Council thru thier distrust of Anakin to seperate Anakin from Obi-Wan's steadying influence. Had Mace Windu not presented a double standard or Anakin had 2 minutes council and perspective from Obi-Wan he would not have turned.

Last couple of thoughts, bad hair cuts are a genetic failing of Skywalkers, same messy mop top. The best scenes were those without dialogue but just John Williams' over the top score.
Of all the casting choices good and bad they have made in this trilogy the best choice was Ewen McGregor, he assumed the mantle of Alec Guiness faultlessly thru all three movies. Even though the love scene dialogue was enough to make you a misanthrope, the love scene score (or whatever is playing when we see Padme) is my favorite SW musical theme, surpassing even the Imperial March.

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