Thursday, May 19, 2005

Huffington Post and Star Trek

Is it just me or does the Huffington Post seem like a Corner wanna be? Or the flip side of the Corner, maybe. Perhaps I am getting this wrong because I haven't spent much time perusing HPost. About a day of lefty dreck coupled with the worst parts of an e-People magazine was about all I could handle. I will look if someone links to a post there but basically I don't have the time to be a Malkin described "looky-loo". When K-Lo at NRO posted John Poderhotz's pictoral riposte to Arianna Huffington, it hit me: this is the "Mirror, Mirror" episode of Star Trek. Wimpy UN- universe vs. practical militarism. Somewhere in the HPost is a version of Ramesh Poronnu with a beard. (yes I know the bearded Spock was in the militaristic universe-go back to your Tivoed Voyager episodes)

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