Saturday, May 07, 2005

Utter Cruelty

Radioblogger writes:

"In Hugh's fevered little mind, there is a sadistic element that is constantly thinking of new ways to abuse the producer, which in this case, is me.

Late last summer, Disney's California Adventure had a large media contingent out to celebrate the launch of their new ride, the Hollywood Tower of Terror, which is basically an elevator shaft on a pogo stick. I ended up riding that ride 29 consecutive times during the three hours we aired our program, and although my equilibrium was oscillating like a tuning fork afterwords, that day is still talked about in talk show lore.

Today, Hugh concocted a much less physical, but far more mentally demanding challenge. It was my task to deliver, in honor of Disney's golden anniversary, 50 consecutive trips through It's A Small World. Stop Laughing."

Three things popped to mind as I read this following the knee jerk reaction of "Oh the poor man!" First, I recalled the trip I took to Disneyland as a kid. I was six or eight an ideal age to experience the wonders of even the most tepid of rides. It's A Small World lost it's appeal after about a minute and a half. 50 consecutive times as an adult is mind boggling to me.
Second, I remembered that Hugh Hewitt claims to be a Christian. Is this Christian charity Hugh? You better hope Catholics are wrong about that whole purgatory idea, because otherwise I get the idea you'll be expiating some sins on endless loops of It's a Small World.
Third, I think this world be the perfect way to break the will of terrorists. It's a Small World at Gitmo. Oh yeah, the possibilities.

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