Monday, February 13, 2006

And now for this:

I was out most of the day. The Infant had a doctor's appointment and then we spent some time with Sis and Niece. Her husband, the Navy guy, just deployed on the the Eisenhower and Niece is upset. So, so, so a long day filled with emotional highs and lows filled with bitter tears when we left. Infant is doing well and will soon rush headlong out of Infanthood, at which point i will have to call her something else, the Gurglist? Not to worry, something will break free and she will announce her Personality.

Caught little news and mostly it was Olympic ice skating. Yes, scoff if you wish, but I'd like to see you do a quadruple flip and not fall on your butt in time to Mahler's 2nd. When you can do that - then you can deride it as "not a sport". I did see press wolves treeing McClellan about The VP's hunting accident. What struck me most about the coverag was the imbecility of the talking heads. I know nearly bupkis about hunting and rifles and even I know that bird shot is rarely lethal to lawyers. Unless it's silver bird shot, lawyers I am reliably told fear silver and garlic.

Heard a FABULOUS story on the Tony Snow today and I will dig out the story and post about it tommorrow. It's late. Ta ta for now.

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