Saturday, February 18, 2006


Dear Husband got a TIVO. I'm actually surprised that it took my techie spouse so long to surrender to the siren's call. He has spent most of the day pulling apart our entertainment system and putting it back together with the TIVO integrated. The Verbalist has been avidly watching and "helping" Surprisingly he is helping. He is very technically savvy and can read letters and very simple words. He's good at identifying what plug goes with what port and could probably set it all up himself if he were stronger and could read just a hair better.

The Muralist, while excited that the routine has changed up, is less fascinated by what it going on. After satisfying her on burning question, will the TV still work?, she moved onto other activities. As Dear Husband got nearer the finish line, the Verbalist got more and more agitated, when would the TIVO actually work and when could he set it to record endless episodes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? His fingers began the twitch I have seen so often in his father's - that of the techno junkie aching to fill an itch, a remote control itch. The array of tempting buttons, the satisfaction of fresh batteries, the lights which magically blink on or off on the machine, they call to him.

So he has spent the evening asking the question: When is it my turn to TIVO Dad?

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