Thursday, February 02, 2006

Carnival of Comedy

Welcome to the Carnival of Comedy! I get a daily dose of comedy from my kids, some intentional, some inadvertant. They are going through a phase of knock-knock jokes.

Knock, knock. Who's There? Banana. Banana Who? (Repeat 4 more times)

Knock, knock. Who's There? Orange. Orange Who? Orange you glad I'm going to stop this pointless anecdote and throw you some links?

Political Humor

The Right Place offers a pictoral tribute to Democrats.

Conservative UAW Guy speculates on Justice Alito's influence on the Court.

Conservative Cat has an adventure with Bruce (watch out, Ted Kennedy advisory)

Radioactive Liberty liveblogs the SotU. (I really hope this is a parody.)

Resistance is Futile with a glimpse into the Left's mind.

Either Orr has some career advice for the junior Senator from Davos.

Miriam's Ideas (her first entry) appraises us on NPR shows.

Peacemoonbeam is in love.

Laughing at Terrorists

Point Five examines Hamas' forward thinking strategy.

Vox Poplar has the newest Zawahiri tape.

Dr. Phat Tony explains Hamas' new legislation.

Random, Just Random

The Skwib with the first cheese centric post. (NFWS image)

SquirtCheese with the second cheese centric entry.

Big Picture Small Office has an intriguing story about sniffer dogs.

Dimmer Switch needs a theme song.

The Pungeoning crafts haiku.

Boston Gal's Open Wallet has a product I need.

Nose on Your Face is part of the 24 craze.

Miriam's Ideas second entry musing on age perspective.

As always, get your daily funny from IMAO. Your podcast funny from IMAO podcast. (Hey spacemonkey, are ya'll gonna get your keisters on that anytime soon?) Don't know is hosting next week, but Bakerstreet is hosting the week after. (Which is good because the last post I see is almost a month old. Who does he think he is Jim Treacher?)

UPDATE 1:03: D'oh! I forgot Tommy at Striving for Average funny pics, BAM!

UPDATE 3:07 Correction to Vox Poplar from popular, she can be taught!

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