Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Cure?

Hat tip to Ace: AIDS and potentially every other virus, will recieve a KO punch from Mormans. Well, I don't know the actual religious affiliation of the scientist but he's a professor at Brigham Young, you do the math. The implications of this are staggering, to use a trite phrase.

"We are encouraged . . . that CSAs may provide a completely unique family of anti-infectives, potentially active against a wide range of viral, fungal and bacterial targets, including those resistant to current therapies," he said.
Assuming continued positive test results in animal and eventual human trials, Porter estimates it could be three to seven years before the compound is available by prescription. That transition could be accelerated, however, if the Food and Drug Administration should decide to fast-track the drug.
That day is still a long way off, though. First, researchers plan to publish their results in scientific journals, seeking peer review and independent confirmation of their findings. Assuming no flaws are found, several rounds of testing would follow.

An amazing world we live in. Still no flying cars though.

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