Sunday, February 26, 2006

I Woold Like Zee Hombooguuurrr

Saturday night Dear Husband and I went to see The Pink Panther (2006), starring Steve Martin, Jean Reno and Kevin Kline. The audience was filled with 9 year old boys and their dads, which was about the speed of the film. I must say a laughed myself silly. Steve Martin is hilariously funny, to me he is one of those people who is funny just by being there. The plot is thin, really just a vehicle for Martin's over the top "french" accent and the superb Jean Reno as the straight man.

The plot: A famous soccer coach is killed in the middle of a crowded stadium and his famous diamond, "the Pink Panther" goes missing. the Chief Inspector assigns his least capable gendarme, Clouseau, as a distraction for the press while he covertly puts together his own investigation.

Kevin Kline portrays the pompous Chief Inspector Dreyfus with such perfection that the slapstick violence unwittingly dished out by Clouseau (Martin), seems entirely merited.

When Clouseau trails a suspect to New York, they set up for the funniest bits of the movie. it is Steve Martin saying the word "hamburger". I can't wait to see the outtakes. Yes, this is a guilty pleasure one that I will enjoy along with Sgt. Bilko, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and Three Amigos.

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