Sunday, February 26, 2006

Carnival of Recipes 80

Welcome to the Carnival of Recipes! Many delicious delights will be presented to please your palate. On a very special note to my regular readers, this is the payoff for coping with the surgery, plane crash and pnemonia posts this week. Everyone is home and well, and I can only salute the fortitude of my brother who flew on 3 more planes the same day he crashed in the first one.

So as a tribute to him and in honor of his heritage first off is a Kosher Carnival from me-ander. This is chock full o' good looking stuff.

Speaking Carnivals, Life in a Shoe submits an Easy kid dessert and announces a Kid Story Carnival. Definately, a dessert first kind of week for me.

In that spirit, me autem minui has a yummy looking cobbler recipe.

Next, bothenook at Geezer's Corner has dried apricot pie. One of the all time best pies I have ever had was an apricot pie, this is a must try for me.

Triticale's hot fruit salad features apricots and all kinds of fruity goodness.

Marietta from In the Headlights smacks down a rich looking chocolate icing recipe. Do you say icing or frosting? I tend to say frosting, icing implies a pictoral decoration. Remember, the beaters are mine to lick.

Morning Coffee and Afternoon Tea, a must go-to place for desserts, posts Orange Lace Cookies. Experimentation can produce mah-velous things, when that doesn't work - go back to the original recipe.

Satisfied those sweet teeth yet? Ok, let's move on to more savory things. David at Daily Pundit has a scrumptious Beef Lo-Mein recipe, which he says is very easy.

third world country has a two-fer, Cornbread and BBQ beans.

BBQ General has Smoked Rack of Lamb with a Marmalade Glaze. Mmm, my mouth is watering.

Prochein Amy has a pot roast recipe involving soda. (what?-Dear husband) Cola. (really?) Yup.

ArmyWifeToddlerMom presents Drunken Noodles (look ma, no alcohol!). I don't know how that can be with no alcohol. Personally, my noodles take at least three beers before they get tipsy.

They've got Mardi Gras in mind at the Glittering Eye with Chicken Etouffee.

Dubious Wonder also picks up the Mardi Gras theme with Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo.

Memento Moron continues with the seafood with Calimarinara (say that fast three times), I always thought squid was great and this looks excellent.

Rounding us out here, A Weight Lifted has a zippy looking Curry Chicken recipe.

Couple of quick soups, sauces and dips. These all look dynamite. Life in a Shoe is back with a Broccoli Cheese Soup (Ooooh! - Dear Husband). Everything and Nothing - a Carmalized Onion Dip. The Common Room has indispensible recipes for Salad Dressings. Leslie's Omnibus Leek and Potato Soup will warm you up.

Next week the Carnival moves onto Egoist and emphasizes a Danish theme. I think I will submit a recipe for Freedom Roses of President Bush, otherwise known as delicious red, white and blue pinwheel Danishes. Just to get you in the mood, I've saved the best for last with this week's Danish themed recipes. Mensa Barbie has a wicked looking 4 Cheese Danish Tart. KeeWee has Danish Dumplings called Bleskiver.

Thanks for stopping by. Submit recipes through Conservative Cat. Happy Eating!

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