Saturday, August 20, 2005


My children have never, thankfully, been the type to put random objects in thier mouths or up thier noses. I am told that children who do this are trying to explore thier world and understand textures, purpose, object orientation and any other number of rationalizations. As a mother, I am happy that I don't have to make trips to the pediatrician to have her remove things with forceps from orifices that will encase said object with a protective mucous. When my niece swallowed a dime, the doctor consulted said his policy was to let the kids keep any change under a quarter.

Lately, the Muralist has become enchanted with her nose. Two days ago she was using nasal content as an art medium. Crayons, markers and the like are ruthlessly policed given her tendency to see all surfaces as her canvas. On this occation though she decided not to bother her mother for crayons but to make a "book" using posty notes and nostril pickin's. It was only her request for glitter that clued me to her avante guard medium. It was viscous enough that she decided glitter was needed but the glue stick extraneous.

This morning she was putting milk a drop at a time at the top of her nose and tilting her head so it ran to the tip and licking it off - or trying to. She instead was crossing her eyes, sticking out her tounge and eventually prodding it with her finger.
Just now she came out with her elephant's tail ensconced up her left nose hole. Her inspiration derived from the Saggy Baggy Elephant where in the elephants walk single file holding tails with thier noses, since the Muralist doesn't have a tail...

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