Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Stem Cell Debate Storms

Bill over at INDC has noticed little ol' me and comments that he addresses the funding issue in his tear down of Augustine's Red State post. He does, in an update after I had posted my original post. I am not at all trying to imply that I had anything to do with it. Bill has much better thinkers to contend with. My bad for not checking the updates. Here's the link again.

He then says that he has posted about the funding angle before, so there is no disservice to his readers. I say, that the point of the Red State post was illustrated in the highlighted graf and Bill got so supercilious about Augustine's moral outrage in the rest of the article that he couldn't be bothered to reitierate something in the article he actually might agree with. Maybe I am lazier than the average blogger, but I did bother to scan his archives for a supportive position about funding when it would have taken him a minute to say: "Augustine has a point about funding which I've made before."

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