Thursday, August 04, 2005

Mount Novak

A lot of people are reading things into Bob Novak walking off the CNN "discussion" with James Carville and the talking head, Henry. (ht: Political Teen) Mostly the thinking goes that Novak wanted to avoid questions about the Plame case. Lori Byrd swung around to that way of thinking after first thinking along the same lines I did.

Nope, not buying it. Look, Novak doesn't have to say anything other than he doesn't want to comment on the ongoing investigation. Novak, I think, is fed up. In his August 1 column Novak writes:
Though frustrated, I have followed the advice of my attorneys and written almost nothing about the CIA leak over two years because of a criminal investigation by a federal special prosecutor. The lawyers also urged me not to write this. But the allegation against me is so patently incorrect and so abuses my integrity as a journalist that I feel constrained to reply.

Frustrated and abuses my integrity. I think Novak is proud of his column about Wilson and Niger and fed up with being vilified. People have insinuated that Novak has been used by the White House and Carville's crack about being watched by right wing masters was what psuhed him over the edge. Novak rumbles and vents some like Mt. St. Helens and I think he's going to blow soon. The longer the Fitzgerald investigation takes the uglier it's going to be. The man has been digging around for decades, he could kill alot of sacred cows if he wanted to I bet. I wouldn't tick him off.

Uh can't remember where I saw him first refered to as Mount Novak, but thanks!

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