Friday, August 19, 2005

Cynical Voice Triumphant

A Hindu proverb says: "A sacrifice is obliterated by a lie and the merit of alms by an act of fraud."

Air America's grave just gets deeper and deeper. The New York Sun has provided a free handy link to all their stories via Captain Ed. I hadn't intended on blogging this story anymore, I really didn't have much to say that hasn't been ably said by Michelle Malkin, Brian Maloney and various legal types who have commented there. As I have been following this story I was struck by this paragraph in the Sun's story about an additional lawsuit filed againt Air America.

Board members of Gloria Wise have described several ways in which Mr. Cohen, who was the club's director of development, purportedly orchestrated the $875,000 in transfers. Besides loans to the start-up radio network, these included two loans for $35,000 to Mr. Cohen that, board members said, were meant to help him pay for medical expenses for himself and his "gravely ill father."

But a clipping from the Pacific Daily News, a Guam newspaper, shows that Mr. Cohen's father, Marvin Montvel-Cohen, died in February 1991, more than a decade before Evan Cohen's pleas for money.

As terrible as it is to embezzle money, worse to embezzle money from a charity, I had some vestige of sympathy in my heart for the medical expenses bit. My cynical voice kept saying that medical expense was an unlikely expenditure and a bank in the Caymans was most likely the recipient of those funds. Still, I don't like that cynical voice and try to ignore it. I can't ignore my cynical voice anymore.

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